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I am the webmaster of wii browser and I thought I would stop by and let you know a little about it.

Wii Browser acts as a bridge between your computer, and your Wii. Wii Browser allows you to create your own Wii Browser page for quick and easy browsing on your Wii.

Just create a page, remember your page's ID number, and set your Wii's homepage to
for quick and easy browsing.

Wii Browser Portal � Wii Browser
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Wow, very impressive website. It's simple and very useful for Wii owners. I don't personally have a Nintendo Wii but if I did, I'd probably make good use of your website. Very nice, sir, very nice.
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links broken
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links broken
Originally Posted by Mike
I think you accidently clicked my first example. Which the board kept turning into a link that was invalid. Click on the link at the bottom and it should work.

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