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I'd say that since playing Morrowind in 2004 I have become accustiomed to western RPGs in terms of customisable characters. Games like Oblivion, WoW, Age of Conan etc.

However there is one thing I can never ever get right, The first character I created in each of those games is one i always get wrong. Whether its through looks or bad choice in class.

Morrowind - My first Dark Elf loked like an old man. But my main reason for deleting was that the Ordinators in Vivec took extreme pleasure in beating me shiteless every time i turned up for another innocent Morag Tong mission.

Oblivion- My first male Nord looked like a cheap whore. (I had his face really pale but his lips were dark red for some reason....that prison does NOT help!)

WoW- First Human Warrior was the most boring line of quests with hardly any affordable power ups or armour.Oh and his light male armour looked really girly. My Night Elf Rogue is much better.

Conan- My female white human (ZP reference) Assassin looked vaguely like someone i know so that was just a little bit on the creepy side when going naturist. (It wasn't planed at all *shifty eyes*)

Anyone elese had this experience? I was a bit insulted after all the hours I'd spent on MW that my first Oblivion character was awful. But tha dark cell doesnt help when choosing skin tones.
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when you're about to exit the sewer, yoyu can use some natural light to help edit the face.
in any case, my main character in Mass Effect looks like garbage because his cheek bones stick out and he's too sullen. unfortunately he's the highest level, so i'll also be moving him over to Mass Effect 2.
*drools over the thought of Mass Effect 2*

My first character on Morrowind was generic dark elf with a missing eye and no hair. Can't go wrong there. However, he seemed to use magic, combat AND stealth, due to a shit selection of skills.

meh. And my first dude in Mass Effect was basically Graham Norton with a scar. Not cool.

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Forgot to mention my ME character, both of mine looked generic and grizzly.
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Generic and Grizzly as in "KRAAAW"

or Generic and Grizzly as in "BACK ME UP, BRO!"

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
My Customized RPG characters always look surprisingly average, or just look like someone who's had what can only be described by the words "extreme botched face transplants".

Apart from my Rock Band character, who slightly resembles myself (although that doesn't really count when we're talking about RPGs, damnit).
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Generic and Grizzly as in "KRAAAW"

or Generic and Grizzly as in "BACK ME UP, BRO!"
Originally Posted by Killak
generic as in no character at all but i guess by the whole deisgn of the game it was meant to be that way. (oh no he didnt)
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