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Am I the only one who was easily bored by this game? I was somewhat excited to play it, given the fact that the Nintendo people have been putting out pretty decent games for their system...I LOVED Super Paper Mario and Sports among others. And Smash Bros Brawl was pretty good, too...but damn, it seems like they didn't expand too much on Mario Kart.

Sure there are different cars and bikes you can get as well as unlockable characters, but for me, it all seemed so repetative. Every race was essentially the same.

I must confess, I loved having some of the old levels in there. I have Super Mario Kart still, so it was kind of fun to play those levels in 3D...even if Rainbow Road makes me want to kill things.
it's probably the only MK i haven't played yet, actually. from what i've heard about it though, i'm not too worried about missing it. the rubber band AI and unbalanced power-ups sound frustrating.

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