Xbox One with or without Kinect?

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Would you want the Xbox One With or Without Kinect?

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× 26 (78.79%) With Kinect

× 7 (21.21%) Without Kinect

  • Added 07-12-2014 05:52 PM
  • 33 votes
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I do not use the kinect for anything but voice commands and achievements that require kinect. I have yet to buy a kinect-only game on the Xbox One yet.
I voted with Kinect, just because I got it for free
The coolest thing about the Xbox One Kinect is that I can use it to turn on my Xbox One, that is all. Brownie points for redeeming codes through QR codes, but I have only seen that done on Day One Xboxes and Forza 5, so I say no Kinect.

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