Destiny, are you in or out?

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Destiny, are you IN or OUT

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× 27 (50.94%) Totally IN

× 26 (49.06%) Definitely OUT

  • Added 07-13-2014 11:17 AM
  • 53 votes
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I tend to avoid multiplayer games, so I'm out.
I'm somewhat in, but deciding whether to just rent it from GameFly or buy it. I've seen gameplay and it brings in aspects from Halo and even somewhat reminds me of Borderlands. So I'm convinced it will be at least decent.
I loved every minute of the Alpha and can't wait until the Beta comes out next week on X1. The PS4 beta is great.
Video games are like life, difficult, frustrating, but most of all, they're fun and rewarding when you slow down and enjoy them.

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