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Well once again we have the roumours of a remake. This time speculation spawned from a video that people believed to be an ad for FF7 on PS3.

Putting all this aside would you welcome a remake? For this arguments sake we'll say it's out on 360/PS3 which wouldn't shock me after XIII going multi. Let's also remember that a classic is sometimes best left alone so we can remember it in full glory rather than have people milk it like the majority of VII's franchise.
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I wouldn't want to see it remade with flashy graphics, because when ever they do that, they always seem to make the game loose it's original charm, you can't just slap better graphics onto something then call it a day, they'll be tempted to change a lot of the events and abilities.

Not saying this is something that SquareEnix have done before, but you never can tell what power will do to people (just look at George Lucas and the Star Wars Prequels).
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
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I'm thinking one will be made at somepoint just to squeeze out more money.
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Even so, I'd buy it and probably play it a LOT. I'm not going to question why they remake it and get all philosophical. If they remake it, and somehow make it fantastic, then I'll be pleased.

I'd rather that then remake it and it comes out crap.

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well if the game is worth it then i'd get it but if its just another money spinner with no planning then i may pass.
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I've changed my stance on a Final Fantasy VII remake recently. I really don't see much of a point besides attracting newer gamers to a classic game. Sure, FFVII was one of (if not) the best video games of all-time, but why should a game with a definite story line be recreated? It wouldn't be fair to the original if Square-Enix decided to remake the game and release it with a change in the overall story. If they want to add onto any part of the story, release another game similar to Crisis Core.

Just my :2cents:
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i'm on the fence about it but lets all remember what happened with Goldeneye Rogue Agent. You cant make the lightning strike twice.
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Yes. The Lightming.

I do hope it's a success, rather than a horrible insult to FFVII.

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And knowing what the current stance in gaming remakes is, I'd say it'd be better to say it's going to be terrible before they even confirm a FF:VII remake.

But if they do make one, hopefully they'll make Cat Sith as bad-ass as he was in the original.

Cat Sith FTW Big Grin
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
hopefully it just won't happen.
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