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OK the title says it all.

Here is mine.
ok i know the pics are bad my phone is old (getting new one when i wonna buy one)

ok 42" hd plasma tv

1080p sticker


expensive shelf (ps3,xbox360elite and a DENON UK | Home Audio Components (just black))

The box for the amp


xbox 360 elite

pc monitor its a tv that i had laying around(its this one LG 32LB75 : LG UK)

27 inch Samsung HD TV

40gig PS3 and 360 with 20gig HDDand mem card

Alienware M15x
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Ah... The room of Saucy Banter in all it's glory.

A wonderful sight, Billy.

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Billy, you might consider placing your 360 on top of a large, hardcover book. if you place it so that it creates a cross shape under the system, it will allow all 4 vents to be used, and it's up off of the carpet.
downstairs there is another one of those glass tables, might use that.
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having it just above the ground is fine, as it's cooler the closer you are to it. exposing the other vents can be helpful, that's all.
I feel ashamed that my TV for playing games on it isn't a wide-screen.

It's not even that big, I have to take my Xbox downstairs whenever I want to play Rock Band online...
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Damn OT... I'll remember that for when I get my Elite....

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The vents on the bottom dont do much as its a solid plate on the bottom of the xbox. there are no holes. the main holes are on the sides as seen in this pic

Image found on google as im to lazy to take a picture of my own.

Ok as you can see in the pic the 2 sides have lots of gaps for air to get in under the motherboard there are no holes at all so the vents at the bottom do nothing. and the vents at the top don't do a great deal.
Got a really useful thing for my AW today. A USB powered cooler and it actually works! You sit the laptop on the top and there is a fan on the bottom that blows up cold air into the system. Plus it also acts as a platform which has made typing and gaming more comfortable.

cost £20 and comes with 2 USB ports but one has to be used to power the fan so essentially there's 1. But certainly worth it, haven't experienced any problems.
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i would still prefer to keep it on a cooler, smooth surface as opposed to carpet which will retain more heat. the more of your system that is exposed to open air, the better.

You see that gap in beside the PC? That's where my Xbox is meant to be, if it wasn't in Germany getting repaired right now.

Also that mark on top of my PC is from one of those weird felt things that you sometimes get as novelty gifts in certain places, the one that I had there was from a railway in Wales (not that famous one with the stupidly long name). I've tried to get it off of there with no luck at all.

Spot that Transmetropolitan down there, that's an awesome comic.

Tiny screens suck terribly.
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Why Germany of all places?

Oh yeah... British people would just strike instead of fixing it...

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Also, that wire is intentional, it's the LAN wire that I use for my Xbox's Internet.

I get a really strong, reliable connection with it.
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thankfully my wireless is in the next room. although when i first got live it connected automatically and it was only weeks later that i realised that id been stealing some mechanics wireless from the other end of my road. then i changed to mine and connections were much better....
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I just have a N1 belkin router.
I can get my wireless from along way away.

(Trust me it has its disadvantages).
I still use it wired as i don't think they do a wireless N adapter for the xbox. And yes i have tried to use this adapter as i know you can use any wireless adapter with the xbox.
i use the official wireless device. didnt know it could use any adapter but i suppose as its USB.
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There are tutorials all over the internet.
I am very impressed with everyone's setup here. Makes me wish I had a HDTV to play my 360 on.

My old gaming setup can be found in a previous post/thread here. My new gaming setup (after moving) will require me to not be so damned lazy and take pictures. Hopefully I'll get it up here soon. Smile
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Later this week i'm thinking of trading in my old 360 for the elite. I've been looking at getting one since its launch and i finally will have enough come weekend/early next week. plus the recent price cut.
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