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Hello everyone! If you pay attention to my threads, most likely not, then you would know that a new competition is upon us. I will kick off the first annual (it will happen again) Video Game Bingo! (VINGO) <--------Trademarked

If you would like to sign up for these festivities please do so in this thread.

The Event Will last until the "Vingo" Card is all checked off. However, it will be a cutoff on participants that move on to the next round. This will be based on how many people sign up. Once I get firm numbers I will post the rules and guidelines.

Sign up NOW! you have until 2359 Friday night (that's 1159).

I will let you know right now, WINNER receives a nice new badge and will get to select a video game of choice on any system (standard edition only).

Let's Do This!


I WILL CALL THE GAME to be played at the start of each round. First Round is a regular "VINGO" check off 5 squares in any direction, plan smart, have fun, let's VINGO! Game starts when the new weeks starts, that's on GTN server time, don't pop anything until then. You should have your VINGO card by then. If you are delayed, it doesn't matter as anyone can join at any time, they will just be a little behind.

1. EVERYONE who has posted here must email me [email protected]
2. Once you email me you will get your very own "VINGO" card.
3. All cards are not the same, well, maybe a couple as we have a few people. I created 10 different cards.
4. Once you have your card, it is your card, do not try to trade it, I know what card you have.
5. There is a space that says "Play/Played a Lego Game and completed them" there is a typo, it should state the following..."Play/Played 3 Lego Games and complete all achievements."
6. This is basic BINGO with a video game twist, you must choose your path though, and choosing the easiest path the first week might not be the best path.
7. Each round the numbers will dwindle as I only allow a certain amount of participants into the next round
8. You will keep the same card round after round, you will continue to map out your path each round until a "VINGO" is called
9. You will call "VINGO" in this thread when you think you have it, if you do, you move on, if you don't, keep trying.
10. Everyone gets at least one square checked at the start (Free space) and maybe you get a "VINGO" first day as you are a supreme gamer.
11. Some cards might be easier at the start, but some might be more difficult. They are based on weeks, past gaming, and future achievements. Look at what you have and plan accordingly.
12. If your card states to do "X" and post about it, then you gotta do it or you won't win, sadly. This game is made to be fun, laugh, and enjoy the community.
13. If you have a square that states "play with x GTN community members, you must post who you played with, what game, and when."
14. The breakdown will go like this:
a. Once the first 10 "VINGOs" are called, the round is over and we proceed to the next.
b. Second round will end when there are 7 "VINGOs" called
c. Third round will end when there are 5 "VINGOs" called
d. Fourth round will end when there are 3 "VINGOs" called
e. Final Round will end when the last person fills their remaining squares
15. I fully understand that this might not work 100% and will deal with dilemmas as they arise. It should be fairly straight forward and fun.

If you have further questions, just ask.
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Video games are like life, difficult, frustrating, but most of all, they're fun and rewarding when you slow down and enjoy them.
Yes please.
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I'm in it to moderately pay attention and maybe do some stuff
Adding nothing constructive to a thread near you

What exactly is the point of this thread?
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
What the hell. I'm in.
Originally Posted by futiles
My sentiments exactly. I doubt I will obtain victory, since I don't have a working console at the moment... but why the heck not Big Grin
might as well, I will need an explanation of how this works though.
I shall prepare... FOR BATTLE!

Ahem, I mean, count me in.
Sign this poptart up!

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I'm in.
I'm already playing Microsoft bingo lol
I'm so in. I want to point out I guessed Bingo in the other thread! Combination of his clue and the last competition. Can't wait to see the rules.
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Consider the gauntlet thrown. Let's do this!
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08-08-2014 01:02 AM StaffPremium
Yes, I'm in.
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I'm glad to see everyone joining in. I don't think you will be disappointed. It will be fun and challenging. Rules will be posted later today (Friday for me).

Enjoy the anticipation =)
Video games are like life, difficult, frustrating, but most of all, they're fun and rewarding when you slow down and enjoy them.
I'll take up space.
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