Stepmania on those Rock Band Drums.

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So in an ingenious way to be able to keep up my faux-drumming skills I've decided to play Stepmania with my Rock Band Drum Kit!

Stepmania is exactly like the DDR games, except you usually use the keyboard buttons.... But, by using Microsoft's Xbox controller utility program I can use the Kit like I would a control pad for the 360, and have the four arrows set to the four pads on my kit (in the order in which they are on the screen of course).

Even without an Xbox, I can still attempt to drum on a miniature kit!
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
You poor, sad and slightly soul dead man.

Check out the jap version of Stepmania. Tune called "Love Shine" Type it on youtube. Now, watch the video. Beat THAT!.

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You don't expect me to do that on drums do you?

Because I'm not that fast.
Hywel "The Archanist" Griffiths
News Editor & Reviewer
Genius! Now, if only I had room for my Rock Band drumset again. I like the idea though. Smile
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Hahahha nice idea.

I use that feature all the time.

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