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Call of Duty publisher Activision could be making an offer to acquire GTA publisher Take-Two, according to a recent report.

According to a research note by Benchmark analyst Mike Hickey, the two companies are trying to get into the movie-making business, specifically Activision, which he said had “deep connections to Hollywood,” something which would help bring some of Take-Two franchises, namely GTA, to Hollywood.

“For Activision, acquiring Take-Two Interactive would be a no-brainer, in our view, circling some of the strongest development talent and owned IP in the world, within a company that has nearly $1 billion in cash and trades at a comparably lower multiple,” said Hickey.

Hickey described this as “an emerging romance” between the two mega publishers.

Hickey also noted that should such a deal come to fruition, Activision would be controlling three of the world’s strongest studios, Blizzard, Bungie and Rockstar Games, along with their multi-billion dollar franchises. Though he did argue that annualizing Take-Two franchises could prove difficult.

Back in 2008, EA made a $2 billion acquisition offer to Take-Two, which was later rejected by Take-Two’s board of directors.

How do you think this will affect the games being made by both publishers in the future?
This is just publishing, doesn't matter in the least. If they were buying Rockstar, which would likely be a really inflated price, that would be news. With all the success of self publishing, a big publisher like Activision has to show growth plans for their stockholders. Acquisitions always make it look like you're doing something.
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Or if this does happen some good games could get the can. Like Thrill Kill a game I soo wanted to play very badly. Apparently it was pretty much completed but got shelved, until it somehow was released in Australia of all places, but it may have just been a dev copy or something like was for last Gen or even the original PS not sure anymore...
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this would be bad for gaming, to see Rockstar and 2k under Activision control would ruin some great franchises. For take two to turn down 2 billion from EA this would be a huge purchase and there probably are not many out there big enough to grab them up.
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