Terraria is out on Windows Phone 8/8.1

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The critically-acclaimed, best-selling indie sandbox adventure has finally arrived!

In Terraria, every world is unique -- from the floating islands in the sky to the deepest level of The Underworld. Adventure to the ends of the earth, and defeat villainous bosses along the way. The world is your canvas!

- 300+ CRAFTING RECIPES - weapons, armor, potions, and more!

- 25+ BLOCK TYPES to build anything you can imagine!


- 8+ BOSSES!

- Over a DOZEN environments to explore!

- Dynamic water & lava, day/night cycles!

- 10+ NPCs to meet and recruit to your home!

- Kill the Wall of Flesh and change your world to Hard Mode! experience new enemies and biomes

- Use the Pwnhammer to destroy Demon Altars and create new ores

- XBOX Live leaderboards & achievements!

Every pixel of Terraria has been crafted for the BEST possible mobile experience -- including brand new touch controls and tutorials!

is out now



505 Games
Download size

62 MB

$ 4.99 / € 4.99

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