Lionhead Shares Abandoned Game Prototype, InkQuest

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The last time we visited Lionhead we were shown a department called “Incubation”, where a number of the studio’s staff are squirrelled away, their time dedicated exclusively to conceiving and expanding upon new game ideas. It’s not something they really talk about openly.

Of course, being a place for ideas, many of the projects originating from Incubation never see the light of day. They just get tucked away somewhere, never made and never shown off to the public. Now, however, Lionhead has decided to share some of those ideas.

Specifically, they’ve released information about InkQuest, a game in which a young girl gets trapped inside a magical book.

Created by Jonny Hopper, Iain Brown, Adam Sibbick and Mike Green, InkQuest will never be completed or released, but you can find a description and a trailer below that gives you an idea of what could have been.

“It was part magical map, part audio book, part adventure game, and it was captivating enough that it was ‘incubated’ - the concept was expanded further and built into a more robust, playable prototype,” explains Lionhead.

“We explored worlds made entirely from words and investigated different ways of telling stories within them. We explored various art styles and developed some amazing technology for a kind of artist's ‘performance capture’ - capturing and replaying our artist's creative process.

“Sadly, it was eventually decided that the game wouldn't be taken into full production,” Lionhead continues. “The prototype we made begins to tell the story of Sophie, a young girl who is transported into a magical book. Finding herself trapped there, she must unravel the mysteries of the book in order to escape.”

You can watch the trailer below. Interesting isn’t it? Lionhead promises to share more information and more Incubation ideas soon.

A real pity....
It's really weird they would release this information. I question the motivation behind it. Are they trying to generate enough desire that this project gets dusted off and worked on again? Are they just trying to show they haven't fallen off the face of the earth now that Peter M is gone?
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Lionhead either promises more than can deliver or they cancel the game.

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