Sleeping Dogs Dev Wants to Bring Triad Wars to Console

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United Front hopes to bring its newly announced free-to-play “online action-adventure” PC game, Triad Wars, to console.

Triad Wars was announced this week. Set in the Sleeping Dogs Universe, Triad Wars features an MMO-type structure. Players will establish their turf, find a place in the underworld and then fight to take over new territory. But as of now, they’ll only do this on PC.

However, speaking during a Reddit AMA, United Front Producer Justin Bullard said, “Our hope is to get this game on everything. We've spent a lot of time upgrading the engine and making tech improvements to ensure we are able to get it running on any platform. So while it's PC for now...stay tuned.”

During the AMA, Bullard also discussed the possibility of a true Sleeping Dogs sequel, saying, “Right now we are totally focused on making Triad Wars as awesome as it could be - but would love to continue making games in the Sleeping Dogs universe.”

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