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This is one of the first games I remember playing on my Sega Genesis. I had an NES before that but I don't really remember any games I had.

Used to live this lol
Originally Posted by F1 Ferrari
Nice, LoL 😁
Halo 2 was the first game I loved. Its what got me into gaming really. I've been a shooter/multiplayer junkie ever since. Not so much now after getting a full time construction job, but I still play when I can and I'm excited for Halo: Master Chief Collection Big Grin
Black and i wish they would do a remake
Too far back to remember. Pong, probably. I think those paddles were the first "console" I ever had.
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My first gane i loved to play was actually Pong. Over the years there has been many, defender of the crown on C64, north and south and Elite on Amiga, Warcraft Series and Diablo on Pc. But most games in racing and Rpg genre is favorites
I have probably played on most game consoles there is, and have owned computer since early 80s (but never those crap Macintosh)
First game I remember playing was Tetris. My first loved game was Goldeneye on N64.
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Black and i wish they would do a remake
Originally Posted by wevets
Well the plans for Black 2 are scrapped indefinitely, but the makers of Black did work on Bodycount which was released for the 360 and was called by them a spiritual successor.. So at least you have that.
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Gears of War
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Would have to be pefect dark on 64, spent half my childhood on that game
Tough choice between super Mario bros, metroid and donkey kong on NES
Q*Bert I can sort of remember being excited to get home and play, but probably Cool Boarders 2, for something I conciously loved playing.

More recently Journey, which I've done 3-4 times and it doesn't even have achievements.

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