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Hey Guys - Not sure exactly how to propose this, but here it goes. Through Best Buy's Gamer Club I receive a 20% discount on any game including Skylanders and Disney Infinity singles. I started offering this to my friends locally to help save them a few bucks and wanted to extend that offer to the community here if there's any interest. Most games nowadays aren't worth the $60 tag on them to begin with so why pay full retail. I'm not out to make any money off anyone and would probably lose a few dollars per transaction, but I do receive Best Buy reward zone points from each purchase which I'm trying to bank for an Xbox One which is a lofty goal.

If anyone is interested feel free to shoot me a PM. I would accept paypal for payment and shipping would be quick.
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You are dancing a fine line with the terms and conditions, and may be opening yourself up to repercussions. And, the site, if it allows it to happen through the site, might be opening itself up, as well.
I don't disagree with you, I did browse the terms and conditions to check for such infractions. I'm sure there's something in there that would be related.
i see ppl doing this all the time on the bing reward sites n many others
get-r-done payback is a mother
Just to be clear this is not sanctioned nor endorsed by GTN in anyway. I'll leave the thread but please as in another transactions, buyer beware. Though GTN can not stop of forbid any side dealings or private correspondence between parties GTN will not be held responsible for personal side deals in anyway shape or form. GTN does not get any benefit or kickback from this type of dealings. This is strictly a business transaction between community members. Personally I think it's a nice thing that you can deal with like minded individuals as long as both parties hold up their end of the deal, but if any thing does go wrong on anyones part, this thread nor GTN can be used to arbitrate or accuse anyone of any miss dealings imagined or otherwise. If this does occur you take care of it your selves because if it does spill over into GTN, staff has the right to lock and remove said threads for the health of GTN, this may also include suspension of accounts or removal of persons from the site. Thank you.
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