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So, I've been playing Project Spark for Win 8.1 for the last week or so. I'm finding a few achievements not unlocking after grinding away for DAYS. So annoying. I can't believe I've spent so much time on this P.O.S. game.

Anyone else care to share any other games/achievements you have found spending tons of time on for zero gains due to glitches? One other for me was the 100K lines in Tetris Blitz for Win Phone. The cleared line count has reset on me twice. I have officially given up on that completion. So much time wasted.
yeah man I gave up on tetris blitz due to multiple resets...
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I didn't know about the Tetris, good to know.. I too have an achievement on Project Spark that doesn't track, logging in for 14 days seems to have stuck at 35% for me when I should have clearly had it. I'm going to let it go and see if I can re do it starting tonight..
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Yeah, I had Tetris Blitz reset on me twice as well. Every time they would update the game, it would wipe everyone's stats. The XB1 dashboard preview totally wonking the achievement app a few days ago was nice too, since it killed all tracking and unlocking of achievements for a day until they fixed it, but at least that was taken care of quickly. I've had more glitched achievements than I can remember, especially stuff that's WP based. They only just finally fixed the glitched achievement for 20 medals in MS Mahjong after it was screwed up since release.
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The Xbox One achievements for me have proven to be... unreliable. Ever since I started playing Metro: 2033 I noticed that achievements wouldn't pop at the time of earning regularly, but unlock later. Other than Project Spark (Win 8.1 and Xbox One) all achievements I have earned have not failed to unlock at some point in time, but it can be frustrating. Especially for someone like Streak Leader who plans his achievement earning out ahead of time to throw his streak in jeopardy more than the fate of 360v.

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