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Tales of the Abyss
this game is awesome
Never played... Which console?

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Gears of War for its story
Halo 3 MP - mindless funsies
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - trying it on PC
World of Warcraft - until Gears of War 2 is out.
England is my city
it's for PS2
it's part of the Tales series
You mean the same makes as the old Tales of Phantasia...

Sounds good.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
yes and yeah it's soooooooo good
u wont regret playing it

my first tale was tales of Legendia which was even more amazing than Abyss
I was playing GRID for awhile since I rented it with my now-defunct GameFly subscription but all I am playing now is Pirates vs Ninjas Dodgeball and an occasional Madden 09 game or two. If I had more time to game, I would. My plate is so full right now and all I can manage to do is take nibbles. Smile
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after finishing Abyss gonna cont. playing Magna Carta:Tears of Blood
guess what?

I'm playing Rock Band because I'm so into fucking 8 year olds annoying me over voice chat.
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