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Where's the Best Site to Buy Cheap Games

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× 7 (17.07%) Amazon Prime

× 3 (7.32%) eBay

× 8 (19.51%) Gamefly

× 11 (26.83%) Gamestop

× 5 (12.20%) Xbox: Deals of the Week

× 7 (17.07%) Other (If so, where at?)

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What's the most reliable website for buying games on a budget? We have Amazon Prime, so we usually order most of our stuff from there. I was a Gamefly member and bought a few games from them, like Mass Effect 3 which came in a perfect condition. I am a Gamestop member but I only buy super cheap, or hard to find games from there. I've spent money during Xbox Deals of the Week. I've also bought my wife the Silent Hill Collection new from eBay for half price. Those are the only ways I can think of to buy cheaper used games. I would like to know what your source is when buying older games.

I don't want to pay an insane amount in order to play Avatar again just for 5 minutes in order for the fast gamerscore. I'd rather give the money to someone that needs it.

Does anyone have any experience with either LeapTrade or Lukie Games?
It seems like a good idea is to forget buying games from Xbox Marketplace and instead buy the full game only to turn around and enter it into a trade rotation. Except I tend to have trust issues..

There's got to be other sites where I can find a way to buy, or at least play games for cheap.

Thanks for any help. You guys are great.
All of the above. Lots from Gamefly, quite a few used from Gamestop, sale games from XBL. Very rarely, ebay.
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For games that you want to play and not keep, I highly recommend Gamefly. With so many digital deals(and digital only content), it's messing with my model.
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same here gamefly is my first choice for buying used games then xbox deal of the week
Cheap/older stuff at Microplay usually. Some stores have a deal where you can return used games for full credit within a certain time period, or lose $1/day on full refund. Means I can play a game for a dollar if I can finish it in a day.
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Wherever CheapAssGamer.com tells me the deals are being offered.
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My wife and I get our cheap games from http://www.lukiegames.com/. We've never had any problems with them and love their selection of older games.

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For games that you want to play and not keep, I highly recommend Gamefly. With so many digital deals(and digital only content), it's messing with my model.
Originally Posted by Fshguy
You misspelled "recommend attending Achievement Fest".

Gamefly would be your best bet for the quick, easy games for just a rental. Instead of buying the monthly membership, they offer discounts when you buy "gift card/membership" for a few months at a time. The more you prepay for, the cheaper it gets per month. Once you purchase the gift code, you simply redeem it yourself. When I had Gamefly, that is what I did.
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Originally Posted by B8TINGU
Gamefly is the best offer if you can wait. The games are always in great shape and all the manuals/cases are included. I have used LukiesGames, but through eBay, and unlike others I have had problems but they resolved them so that shouldn't deter you. Instead of them I use my local equivalent so I can pick them up at eStarland.com.

Mostly I start at eBay, using PriceCharting.com to figure out going rates and never pay more than that. It's how I can tell if I'm getting a good/fair deal. eBay requires work/patience the others don't but you can get great deals.

For newer stuff, I'd watch Cheapassgamer for deals. The deal on new games are going to be at Amazon or Best Buy, and to maximize your rewards you will probably end up only using one of them. Toys R Us or Gamestop sometimes have good deals, but as much as I love Gamestop they just don't take care of the merchandise and you'll be cleaning stickers of your cases, assuming you get a case.
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I don't but, AF2012-2014 had cheap games...
All of you guys, and your intelligent responses, are the reason I love this site. Thanks!
I use Listia to get games. It is like E bay just with credits you earn from surveys, and listings that you sell on there.

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