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So... Forza 6 was announced yesterday. What do they need to do different to keep the series fresh and enjoyable ?
01-13-2015 05:45 PM StaffPremium
That's a good question. A much bigger track list would be a great start. I haven't played Gran Turismo for a long time, is there anything to borrow from the sim genre that Forza doesn't have. Better AI? Drivatar was a great addition.
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Besides more tracks which is highly likely considering that is the major complaint they got with 5 I would say to finally get day/night and weather into the game which is something people have wanted since 2 or 3.
* Side mirrors would be nice.
* Night tracks
* Rain tracks
* Snow tracks
* Less aggressive drivatars. Those of Horizon 2 were perfect.
* If others are drafting you, you should still be awarded a clean lap. That mistake is there since FM4 and it is working on my nerves...
* Remove the drift related stuff.
* Unique speedometers for every car
* Semi-automatic transmission (was there in FM2 and FM3)
* Lots of tracks. Latest versions have less tracks than FM2.
Yeah, Totallly agree on all those posts. Since Project Cars is out soon it will be interesting how that game goes.

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