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porbably out in the USA too but heres all the GW games in one pack for a great price. No fees either so no need to fret about if youre playing enough for the cash you spent. I would get it but the last thing I need is another MMO and seeing as this winter has a good selection of console games I'm not sure how long I'll be at my PC. I haven't played it but it must be doing well if there's a re realese. player count is in the millions but not sure on the number. A year and a bit ago stated over 1 million.
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Is Guild Wars any good? I've always contemplated either getting it or WoW. I'm not sure which one though...

WoW is meant to be better, but HOW MUCH better?

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its a matter of taste. in WoW you can solo pretty much everything whereas games like guild wars and Everquest focus on groups which can make it a pain as youll have to find decent people. Plus WoW is constantly being developed on through expansions and patches. Guild Wars is free so they have to rely on expansions and word of mouth. People on WoW sometimes talk about GW but always say WoW is a better choice. but end of the day do you want the option of grouping or do want to constantly group?
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I tried WoW yesterday, creating a Undead Rogue. That was quite fun, but I'm guessing the game is more fun for a Mage?

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its all about rogues and warlocks. was on a dungeon raid yesterday. nothing beats running around with a lvl 60 gnome warlock (guildmate) with a minion the size of a small house. i started a human one today called voldymort... (lolsauce). but i still have my rogue. A mage is pretty much a warlock with no minion so wheres the fun?
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