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Kinda all over the map there Craze. In a good way I mean, eclectic collection.
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I use to keep track of my collection. I am currently in the process of boxing all my old stuff up as I am thinking about moving in the next year. I'll try to get some new pictures up of the Xbox stuff.
Kinda all over the map there Craze. In a good way I mean, eclectic collection.
Originally Posted by Kaens
After the GTASC is over I am planning on focusing on my NES/SNES collection but I know my XBOX 360 collection will continue to grow. If I can find the time I am wanting to build Oak shelving units for my games. Right now my shelves are cheap Wal-mart units. Having taller and consistent I will be able organize the games a lot better.

Since I took those pictures I have ran out of room on my Xbox 360 shelves and I was already out of room with for any more retro games. Just thinking about it makes me happy.

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