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now that the TGS is underway, what do you think of the news?

some of the major announcements so far today include Tekken 6 going to 360, the New Xbox Experience being released Nov. 19th., and Halo 3: Recon coming next Fall. there's plenty to start downloading on the Marketplace as well.
Looking forward to that experience update. looks much more polished than what we have now. Halo 3 and Tekken could be hit or miss really.
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I've been eagerly awaiting the Fall update so that's top on my list. Tekken 6 was a surprise though, seeing as to how the series was exclusive to Sony.

So, November 19th will be a great day methinks. 4 days before my birthday too. Thank you, Microsoft. Smile
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And its just after mirrors edge, gears 2, fable 2 come out....
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What a Winter. Our staff are going to have a lot of reviewing on their hands. I know for one that I'll be rabidly playing Mirror's edge and Fable 2, and will probably leave Gears 2 to hardcore fans like Billy (The first one was good, but I didn't play it again after I completed it).

I agree that Tekken going to 360 is a surprise for all, but in the end, Sony's ability to keep exclusives is now tenuous at best. I wouldn't be surprised to see more exclusives heading microsoft's way.

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well i am going to have no cash so people should review what they can and ill catch up. Ive been researching medical trails where you can get payed hundreds of pounds just by going to hospitals and letting them drug you for a few days (YAY). I found out that a place near me is doing them so might look it up when i break up, sadly i dont have a 4 day weekend anymore haha.
England is my city

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