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Are you a assassins creed fan

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× 19 (63.33%) yes

× 9 (30.00%) no

× 2 (6.67%) never played it

  • Added 08-02-2015 12:31 AM
  • 30 votes
assassin's creed syndicate

i cant wait so i had to share
You must really want that create 1000 threads badge and or the vote in 500 But on subject, yes I do like what I have played so far. Which is basically the first ten minutes or so of each game, except Unity and Rouge which I have but have not started.
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Looking forward to it, really hope they learned from their mistakes with Unity and will have no glitches that can almost ruin the game.
Not too big a fan, but after buying Daemon's lot, I'll have a few to play.
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
Glad I could help. Smile

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