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IGN: Blizzcon 08: StarCraft II Split Into Three Games

Blizzcon has just happend and during that time a new Wizard class was announced for D3 and...Starcraft 2 is now a trilogy. They are hoping to pull of a more successful Valve move by having three episodes come out soon after each other. They should arrive within a year of each other (but no promises there). This has been causing mixed reactions. Each one is the size of Starcraft 1 but do we really need 3? is this Blizzard just wanting (even more) money? And we want Diablo
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Yeah maybe i will buy this one instead of downloading it. I liked the first one but i like this kind of game so yeah...
I wonder how long till Diablo 3. That'd be fun to own.

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its coming after starcraft 2 but not sure which one of the three.
England is my city

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