whats your favorite gears game

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Whats ur favorite gears of war game

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× 3 (13.04%) GoW I

× 7 (30.43%) GoW II

× 2 (8.70%) GoW III

× 2 (8.70%) GoW Judgement

× 9 (39.13%) dont care just here to vote

  • Added 08-15-2015 10:32 PM
  • 23 votes
my judgement but i only played gears of war, gears of war 3 an gears of war judgement
played gears of war, gears of war (pc), gears of war 2, gears of war 2 (jp), gears of war 3, gears of war judgement, all that is left is gears of war ultimate edition and thats is pre-order and downloaded
I would say Judgment because it was a quick completion I played every game in the series except Japanese Gears of war 2.
I have them all (even got myself the Epic Version of GoW 3, Damn that satue are HUGE. and the cog Wheel are Heavy as hell)
but the one I like the least of them i judgement (could be coz thats the only one i havent played in Co-op)
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This was a hard choice, between the original and mainly 2, although I did like 3 I discounted this one quickly for the achievements, but the story was just too good with the first.
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