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Sony's long awaited title LittleBigPlanet has been delayed worldwide. All retailers have been reported to send back their new copies for a minor revamp. The cause of the delay, believe it or not, was the soundtrack. Apparently a portion of the soundtrack contains lyrics derived from the Muslim religious text of the Qur'an. Reportedly the track was caught by PlayStation Europe forum goers. The LBP track 'Tapha Niang' by Muslim artist Toumani Diabate's Symmetrical Orchestra uses lyrics taken from the Muslim Qur'an.

Pathetic? Maybe. I do believe I've seen worse used from Christian Biblical text. See for yourself by visiting Gamasutra's link above.
Quite honestly i find the delay stupid and argument even more so. The church of England complained that resistance fall of man was blasphemy because in a manchester level there was a scene in a burning a war.

i found LPB very average. I managed to get a beta key and although i like stephen fry as the turtorial narrator and the sack guy kinda funny the game is just a platformer. But im an action gamer so maybe its just me.
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the game has plenty of potential, but realistically, people will tire of it fairly quickly. most people aren't willing to put much effort into making enjoyable levels just to play it. however, Sony fans need some games to play, so this delay definitely hurts.
my friends now have the full version and find it amazing/revolutionary. I however struggle to stay awake while playing. The later levels are fun but once youve tested the physics, seen the level designer youve pretty much done the game. sure you can spend hours finding more unlockables to create maps and play them but thats the only thing to keep you going.

i was expecting something like this: there is you or four other players, you get dropped on a blank level and are given objectives to complete using the level designer using specific tools and the fancy physics engine. That in my opinion would have been better and made a real use of the creator.

Like I said, it has an appeal but wasn't what i was expecting and probably one of the most overrated games this gen let alone the year.
England is my city

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