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As most gamers are aware the MGO beta starts midnight tonight. Well...for Europe anyway. This is just to clear up problems people may be encountering.

Everyone will need a Konami ID from the ID portal. Just type konami id into google, click on the first result. It's better to use firefox as it has an autoformer which will come in handy during the registration process. Konami doesn't like the page being inactive so you have to be quick and the autoformer is the only way round it.

When you register you'll fill out a long form. after filling it out right click, go to autoformer and save all fields, that way when you get back there all info will be saved and the reg. will work that time round. (make sure to get the autoformer first from the add on section)

US- Beta key from pre-order

EU- PSN Store

Both - LONG patch download. do this overnight to avoid a long wait during the day.
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This game looks like it's from space!

Yeah my computer must be rubbish because I still can't get that a Konami ID, but damnit I'll keep trying.
well i got all the id and stuff but i think konami is still encountering server issues as i can't get online with the game and my PSN is on.

(how useful this place is haha)

in the words of Snake "Otacon,we have a problem"

The good news however is that due to all these ****ups we get some extra playtime! A week to be precise, or if this keeps going i imagine a bit more. If you cannot log in it has nothing to do with PSN it is Konami's server, too many people logging in = that Christmas ****up we had with COD4. Only this time its MGO and Konami.

I'm sure right now all those Konami big wigs are shouting the same words that were shouted as South park was invaded by global warming

"We didn't listen!"

official website info
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meanwhile here is a to find some movies and imagine all the fun that you should be having
ignore the fact that the guy you are following is using a sniper rifle like a shotgun. *coughnoobcough*
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I've never been big on Metal Gear Solid, but I am curious how the MMO will do. Based on the incredible amount of interest in the game, it should do pretty damn well.

Looks like the developer wasn't quite aware how many people wanted to beta test the game too. From Kotaku:
Join the official Gamertag Nation club on Xbox Live here.
Yeah i posted that news (or something similar above) it seems we arent getting it til the weekend. Japan has the beta though.

MGS seems to be a love or hate thing. i didnt like the first one on PS that much but i loved the second one, ans amazingly enough i enjoyed the remake of the first on the gamecube.
Thanks for all this work Billy, and a great idea to use our own resources rather then some unfamiliar body. I hope you keep us posted even after the official release in terms of rating, gameplay and downloads... It'll be fascinating to see how this concept progresses.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
This gets better and better. After logging in today there is another patch.

Thankfully the server download is quite fast as everyone is at work/school.
Last edited 04-25-2008 at 04:10 AM by Blank Planet. FINALLY went online. I played a few matches and went through some training for fun and i was impressed. controls can take a bit of getting used to as they are not standard mgs controls but once you figure them out then its alright.

i liked the new aiming mechanics:
over shoulder
first person

all of which are easy to switch.

Plenty of weapons for gun freaks like me although not all are on the beta. Ive only played on one map.

anyway..more updates when ive played more i suppose.
What did you think of the analog sensetivity for aiming... some games move the crosshair 90 degrees when you tap analog...

And realism efects and so on?

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
its not realistic still the mgs health system. the aiming is ok its like ghost recon/gears of war and every 3rd person game since then. The graphics are quite good, no complaints. clearly the SP mgs4 will have better graphics but for an online mode it isnt bad.
England is my city
New to the beta is:

New map for urban warfare - quite intense

a new mode where on player is Snake in stealthy camo and all the others have to find him. Person who kills Snake becomes him next round. (havent seen this yet though).
England is my city
Lame.... why not make it killing Raiden...

Watch how much more efficient the killing team becomes... :P

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Because if you'd bothered to keep up with news and trailers rather than base all your facts on the second/third game you'd know who Raiden is now and your "Lame" (a word which most people stopped using when they were 9) remark will bite you on the balls.
England is my city
Leave me be... you're the news, jockey, Billy... Big Grin

I havent got a PS3, so anyway, I was just making a remark... Ninja or not, Raiden's a nobend.

and I'll have you know the word Lame is the height of hip, thanks. :P

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Well as an avid Playstation & Metal Gear Solid fan, I've got this game on preorder. Honestly can't wait to get my hands on it, and I'm eagerly awaiting teaming up with Leon in MGO (Leon -- Kazuki). I have been keeping a close watch on the games progression for a long time, and it's just a complete masterpiece. It's a sole reason for someone purchasing a Sony Playstation 3, imo.

I didn't get a chance to play the beta, and as far as I'm aware, it's down at the minute. Already got my Konami ID's fixed though, although it's a stupid system and they should of sticked with the PSN to make things easier.

Oh, and, the new Raiden is semi-cool, I'm ashamed to say. :/ Ohwell.
i can't wait either. ill probably reserve a copy to be safe... if i can get the money.
England is my city
IGN: Making Sense of Metal Gear Solid

heres a brief MG history to get your facts right.
England is my city
Heh, yeah, I read over some long-winded history scheme the other day as well. Been such a long time since I've played the previous MGS games. I'm hoping that this new one won't be a let down like MGS3 was, though. Although it's shaping up to be the best game ever made, imo!

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