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I was just wondering if anyone here would like to share their PlayStation Network identities so that we can play with each other sometime in the future, or just for the sake of networking & chat. My friend list is rather empty at the minute, and with all the new exciting games being released in the first quarter of '09, it would be nice to experience some of these games together over the Network.

If anyone is interested in adding me, my PSN is JonnyTyson.

Look forward to playing with you in future!
i've got one, but i really don't play it much. i'll let you know if i ever get into it.
Mine is the same as my xbox id dmiller68. I don't play any games on it at this point. Although I do plan on picking up Killzone 2 for it.

I'll be on KZ2 when it comes out.
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I really hope that'll be as badass as it looks.

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I really hope that'll be as badass as it looks.
Originally Posted by Killak
I agree. The biggest challenge I'm going to have is getting used to the PS3 controller. I hate it. Smile

Demo was released today!
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The demo is quite good but they should have made it longer and in a level with more action. I know its going to get more hectic later on and i dont know why they didnt show more off. anyway its a huge step up from the slightly bland original title and ill be getting this on release.
England is my city

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