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04-26-2016 12:12 PM StaffPremium
I already own all of those... At least more people will get to try out Peggle...
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Second month in a row where there's nothing I haven't played already.
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Second month in a row where there's nothing I haven't played already.
Originally Posted by Dale Baldwin
Same here. Another Month where there is nothing for me.
Don't have Defense Grid or GRID 2, so there's something at least. And still haven't gotten around to playing Costume Quest on either console, so this should help push up the TA ratio before I do. Smile
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Grid 2 Dlc with achievements=$22.50. I bought this game from Microsoft store for like $5.00 or something back in 2014 and have been waiting for the Dlc to go on sale since. Glad ill be able to play it on the One though without having to go find where i put the disc. (Most 360 games still in boxes from move)
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Costume Quest 2 is the only game i have out of all 4 games
Yay! 4 free games again! Wait, I still don't have a One. Dang it!
Originally Posted by porschephiliac
You can keep them for when you get an Xbox One can't you?
You can keep them for when you get an Xbox One can't you?
Originally Posted by dieselv2
Yes! Que them up. You can do it from the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
I don't have any of them, so that's a plus.
I'm glad that I bought the 360 version of costume quest 2 instead of the One version.

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I played the first Defense Grid on PC already, so perhaps I'll grab the second one. Has anyone played it already, and is it worthwhile?

Went ahead and changed the thread title for you, btw.
Wow 4 games I have never touched.
Originally Posted by futiles
Like that's hard to do.
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Like that's hard to do.
Originally Posted by Dacoto
Are we including tabletop games?
This is one of the first months I don't have one of two Xbox One games.

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