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First Physics, Now AI Is Being Moved To Your Graphics Card [PC] @ Gamertag Nation

This could be interesting. Physics on a graphics card is fair enough, after all that does have something to do with graphics but AI? For the first time a graphics card may actually have a real impact on the game (besides making it pretty to look at). For more info click on the link at the bottom of article. If this happened to console graphics cards then Sony/PC/360 gamers could all have the same game but at the same time a different experience. Of course this all depends on how popular this becomes, can devs be bothered to utilise it properly, how long until this actually works properly and if i completly misunderstood the article and have been talking crap in this whole paragraph.
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This seems like good news, but wouldn't it be a big strain on the GFX card? I'm worried by that, as Games like Crysis can already cause your computer to melt.

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The idea is a good one but i don't think your game experience should be determined by a powerful graphics card. Even if I could play crysis on high and another guy on low, we would still play the same game but this seems to be rewriting that. Guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. Like I said, devs may not use it to its max potential, this concept could play a part in sales, if people cant get the best experience they might go off the game all together. We'll see.
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Yeah... but this seems like almost a rewrite of the standard rules of a PC... some may not take kindly to this. But I hope it's an improvement.

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