If God Played Tetris, It'd Look Like This

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Found this off of Reddit this morning before I head off to work. Thought I'd share something amazing to get your Saturday started off right. The final 3 minutes will leave you speechless.

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that was str8 INSANE. i would like to buy that guy a drink.
He may actually be God...

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I have to wonder how people survive the high levels. First time i got to level 9 on the gameboy verison i panicked, and it took me several trys to mentally condition myself not to freak out. Even then by level 16 (which I got to like, once, usally dying on 13) I just can't seem to move fast enough to save myself.
How on earth do people do it?
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it's slightly easier when every rotation has its own button, and they rely on that second when the piece is touching the blocks but not actually set to adjust it.
Yeah, no matter what level you're on, that moment before the block is cemented is always constant.

I usually get to like... level 5 in tetris, then get bored.

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I don't wanna say I'm frightened...just slightly unnerved by this man's skills.

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