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Hello am playing fifa 16 mygamertag is juventusDZ
Hello am playing fifa 16 mygamertag is juventusDZ
Originally Posted by JuventusDZ
Hello JuventusDZ, ate you looking to make an introduction for yourself or you just want to play Fifa16 with people? Either way I hope you have a good time.
Life goal own all retail X-Box games. My collection: X-Box: 535, X-Box 360: 1204, One: 178
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Hello! Nice to meet you) I'm Mary and I'm a student. In future I want to be an app developer and create something really cool!
I'm not into FIFA but welcome to the site either way!!! Big Grin

Join the leaderboard that is *actually* #1 on the site! All friends of mine are welcome and anyone who prefers poptarts over fish!

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