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So Sonic Unleashed was somewhat of a failure and so was the DS RPG Sonic Chronicles, if u were SEGA wouldn't u have given up already with the franchise?
Well, SEGA hasn't given up yet, instead they've given their furry mascot a sword and plunked him into the wolrd of King Arthur. hhmmmm, sounds like a strange choice to me.

On the bright side though Sonic and the Black knight is a direct sequal of Sonic and the Secret Rings which is actually one of the best Sonic games for a while now. Being a Sonic fan nowadays is difficult, coz im constantly trying to justify SEGAs stupid decisions and pointing out only the gd things about a Sonic game and omiting the bad. I no longer do this, although deep down i know the franchise is doomed,.

Lets see if SEGA can actually do some more good with the blue blur and not just ruin another series of games.

Sonic and the black knight trailer with gameplay...

YouTube - Sonic and the Black Knight CG Trailer (Version 1)

Who's hopeful ?

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