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The demo is only a few miutes long but packs a powerful punch. At first the control settings feel a little off but in the end it's pretty much the same as RS Vegas and theres a even a control setting that mirrors COD4 even though its not suited to the game. It playes like a Gears/COD mix, you take cover but it has the flow of COD4. The AI is hard to judge as the demo itself is very old and theres only one level setting so its a bit easy to plough through the enemy (which sound like cockney stewie griffin's for some reason). You only get to use one weapon and a pistol at a time so choosing a primary is important but you cant go wrong with either assault its all the demo offers apart from one shot needed by a rocket launcher to take down some explosives but that can be done with a rifle anyway.

However from the demo its hard to see how this will be any different to any other FPS. Killzone (1) was very dull. It was fun for the first few minutes but fell apart. I hope this doesn't turn out the same. The AI so far isn't any different from most current gen games and reviewers were saying it was challenging in low settings. All I can hope is that all the talk about this "old demo" is true and the AI is better in the full version. Loved the action but there was little backstory. I know it's a game and we never needed a plot in 1998 to play anything but all the characters seemd really dull and just threw swear words around.

Overall its impressive (gameplay wise) and I can't wait to play the full version and on a higher difficulty setting.
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yeah i will have to agree with you the demo was fun but seemed a lil off. i mean i enjoyed it but i will have to try the full version before i can pass judgement
Trust me, avoid the game! I got it on release (just over a year ago) and was let down. In fact that demo level is pretty much the pinacle of the product. The MP was nowhere near as awesome as everyone blabbered about. The SP, by no means awful, just wasnt spectacular. But I think KZ2 is now a Platinum/Classic game so the price is a lot less. But there are better games out there for PS3:

Bad Company 2 (Although I went 360)
Heavy Rain (Oh my God!!!!!)
God of War 3 (out soon, not my thing but it's pbviously popular for a reason)
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I agree. It's preowned bin fare.

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