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So yet again I have a set of Gears codes sent to me, I gave the first to a friend, now after gears 4 I get a new set of codes.
So if anyone needs/ want 1 or all of the codes (hope they work and not re-mailing me the codes I gave away) then you are welcome to them.
i take a code
Originally Posted by Gaming Assassln
Which one I have 1,2,3 and Judgment codes or you want to try all of them?
I'll have the judgment code if no one has taken it Smile
I'll have the judgment code if no one has taken it Smile
Originally Posted by Mephisto4thewin
Then that's the first gone, I was waiting on gaming assassin but he hasn't responded to my 2nd post, so GW Judgment is yours.
May I get gw3 code?
Originally Posted by Sentimentalnoos
You got it. I'll message you the code when I get home.
Do you get all the codes with both a digital purchase and a physical purchase? If so, I think I will have some codes to offer soon, too.

Because, that is the awesome thing to do. Nicely done.
I got the physical copy (deluxe) and it came with 4 codes I used those, then on Tuesday Xbox messages me with codes for the 4 games (1/2/3 & Judgment) saying thanks for playing Gears of War 4.
It could be both by playing and registering it on your account to get Microsoft to message you the thank you codes.
Code worked perfectly thank you HM Smile
Originally Posted by Mephisto4thewin
That's great and you are welcome.

For those needing I have a Gears and a Gears 2 code still available.
Sentimentalnoos did not use the code I gave him and told me to give it anyone else that may need it so Gears 3 code is available again to anyone that wants it.
Gears 2
Gears 3
Codes still for the taking.
i take gears 3
Originally Posted by Gaming Assassln
And it's yours.
I got the physical disc, so I too have codes for grabs. I still have all of mine as of this post. So first come first serve and a big thanks to Homeless Messia for setting the standard and this thread!
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