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So there's a thread for completed games but didn't see one for DLC completions. I would have just posted those in the completed thread but it looked like they didn't want people repeating games completed because a DLC was released. So I thought, why not make a separate one for when those occasions do arise and post them here& and just when one finishes a dlc in general.

I'll start

Telltale Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 3
Do you even sleep bro?
I like this idea!
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Guess i'll still be the next to make a dlc completion post haha.

September Update in Gears of War 4
Do you even sleep bro?
Cool idea

Gears of War 2 - MP Rank Update
Halo Reach - Noble Map Pack
Operation: Anchorage, Mothership Zeta, The Pitt, Point Lookout, and Broken Steel for Fallout 3.

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