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I had four of my all time best six days.

Date Ach won Total TA Total GS Ratio
1. 06 Apr 2018 838 95,153 69,088 1.38
2. 07 Apr 2018 269 28,979 20,365 1.42
3. 27 Dec 2013 294 16,089 9,740 1.65
4. 08 Apr 2018 140 12,783 9,062 1.41
5. 23 Jul 2011 200 6,466 5,160 1.25
6. 09 Apr 2018 46 5,828 4,280 1.36

Third place on this list is for the mega challenge when I put up 11.2K gamerscore in a day and Kaens helped me with Powerup Heroes for Kinect I believe
Fifth place was for HERBIE when I had to use everything I had to fight off the Buckswana JP console attack Smile
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Well done on the 100,000k I only wish i would have joined the site and leaderboard earlier.

Well I edited all the (xbox one) footage I had from April 6th down into pretty much just the 800+ achievements popping, with minimal context shown, and it was still 1 hour and 52 minutes long.

So to make a manageable YouTube video I set it to high tempo classical music and tried to speed it up to match the beat. An amateur effort but good enough for the keepsake I was aiming to make.

Edit: Replacing video to try and fix one of the songs being too loud
Last edited 07-15-2018 at 08:37 AM by LausDomini.
Nicely done! Must have been a lot of editing.

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