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After spending nearly twelve months planning, gathering, and priming games, the time has come to see just how much Gamerscore I am capable of unlocking in 24 hours. I have stockpiled so much that I can't stop there and I will be attempting to earn 100,000 Gamerscore in 100 hours. If all goes to plan I should be able to do it while still getting plenty of sleep.

To mark the event I have created a leaderboard which will track the increase (04-05-2018 11:00 PM - 04-10-2018 03:00 AM).

Sign up by joining the leaderboard below:

2nd place: $15 digital xbox game/s
Median score (or right above if necessary): $15 digital xbox game/s

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Public Copy of Tracking Spreadsheet
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Good luck!
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Excited for another challenge. I've signed up. Good luck on your Gamerscore blitz!!

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You're insane! Gotta love that though.. good luck and game on!
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Just making some notes here to help keep things straight.

18 days to go. I just added the new ACA NeoGeo game Aero Fighters 3 and was able to get 920g (alt account) in 15 minutes by using the bonus stage after level 2 to reach a lot of the high scores. Getting the full 1K would take just a little longer to get the 1 million in original mode but I will save that for cleanup. That makes 93K primed and ready to go which includes 14 NeoGeo games (9 on xbox and 5 duplicates on Windows) .

I still need to finish priming Candleman -- skipping one candle on certain chapters. I am about halfway through the game.

I've got four Artifax Mundi games that are ready and am trying to add Grim Legends: Forsaken Bride as the fifth just because it came as part of a bundle so might as well prep what I can despite the low points in that one. I am a little over halfway through that game.

I still plan on adding The Station (15-20 minute completion) as well as Age of Empires: Definitive Edition (cheat codes for easy 500g). I'll get Quiplash as well since I already have Fibbage and my Firefox browser is set up to do those games. Also, the game Hack, Slash, and Backstab is only $5 and has an immediate 199 pt achievement so I will pick that one up as well.

In about a week I will start my 14 day Gamepass free trial in order to prime 250g or so in Brothers.

After these games are ready I will move into practice mode. With 160+ games on the list I need to at least dabble in the games again to get familiar with menus and controls. I need to freshen up several games like the 4 minute Refunct run, the flawless Volgarr attempt for 500g on the first level, get familiar again with Rememoried, the final level on Spy Chameleon, and the 20-second run on Reagen Gorbachov level 3. I think the last two weeks will be pretty much practice. The last few days I need to make sure to get plenty of rest.

At some point I could use help making sure Twitch is working and the microphone and game sound are decently configured.
Good Luck Smile
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Good Luck Smile
Originally Posted by xLil SheWolfx
Already did all of those.

Good luck, Laus!
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I went and added Western Press to the stack. 600G in 10 minutes if I preload the 100 wins. The first 7 levels of skill tester are easy and I can beat level 8 just fine as well (although I once "lost" by 0.000 as we both had the exact same time down to the millisecond). But that 200g for beating level 9 seems impossible unless some freaky luck after dozens of tries were to kick in.

In other news, I started practicing some "A" games such as Action Henk, Active Soccer, Albedo, Another World, Anode, and Asemblance. I was almost completely lost in Another World since I primed that game back in June and I had to add notes on how to create a shield, how many enemies to expect, and some simple steps that need specified like picking up the gun in order for the UFO to arrive. These next two weeks of practice are really crucial for trying to quickly play 100 games in a day! I built in two minutes between games for getting bearings and loading up the next game, but I won't be surprised if it turns into four or five minutes to mentally recalibrate.
Up to the letter M now, practicing games tonight like Mimic Arena, Monkey Pirates, and Monochroma (where I totally fell in the one hole that needs jumped over).

I also added games #170 and #171 with Quiplash (900G in about 20 minutes) and Hack, Slash & Backstab (199G in about 2 minutes). As far as I know I am finally done spending money on games for this attempt.
I am struggling to get the leaderboard to start tracking at midnight eastern (it jumps between 11pm and 2am). So tracking may start an hour early tonight.
I had trouble with getting the time right too when I did my February run. Good luck today! I will try and catch some of it when I can.
Just for clarification, prizes will be awarded for 2nd and 7th place.

Looks to me like HotDogMcGee (4,095G) and SmokenRocket (2,020G) are our winners. Send me a message with the game/s you want me to digitally gift you valued at $15.
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Man, this site’s tracking is so busted. I’m missing a bunch of points on the leaderboard lol.

Got bumped out of 7th by Big Dom’s late entry it seems Frown

Congrats to the winners, and bigger CONGRATS to Laus on the 100K+!!!
and SmokenRocket snaked 7th from me....... not a surprise...... it's not like I'll shank in him his sleep or anything :/

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I was right behind Hotdog and then he took off for 2nd place so I snuggled up right behind pTartTX Wink

Impressive run LausDomini!! Tuned in a couple times to your feed to see how the GS was piling up. You made it look easy...
Agree with smokenrocket... I watched the feed quite a few hours over the first 2 days (working on Twitch achievements at the same time) and Laus was just piling up the Gamerscore. It was impressive.

Congrats on the 100k, LausDomini!!!!
Congrats Laus on the amount of GS you put down!! I really enjoyed watching the stream. It kept me quite entertained at work Wink

Join the leaderboard that is *actually* #1 on the site! All friends of mine are welcome and anyone who prefers poptarts over fish!
Oh you finally did it!? I missed it. Congrats. What were the final totals?
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Please read/rate my reviews! And if you happen to be an older person like me, join my 40+ Club leaderboard!

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