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  • Added 03-21-2009 08:19 AM
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Fly for Fun

does anyone know and play this game?
I've heard of it but I swept it under the rug with all other newer MMORPGs. It seems like it plays similar to Ragnarok Online, which I loved, but I don't see myself getting into it again. How do you like the game?
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My best friend used to play it (but it wasn't Tariq), and playing together was really cool (and maybe that's the main reason I liked it).

The 3D graphic is not bad, although there might be some space for improvement. The landscape is funny, and it takes a long time to move around and explore the area. It is also free (which I found it to be unusual), and it's being updated constantly, both to repair bugs and to change the seasonal quests.
You can create up to 3 different characters in each server and you got up to 120 levels go to trough and you can compete against other players as well.
I don't really like the music, but you can always mute it and put your own music in the back.
Many of the game controls can be easily programmed (You can program all the F keys) and you can do it while playing, without going into the option menu, and I find it really useful.

And well, it was the first MMORPG I played, so it's like the first car... you will always like it, no matter how bad it was, isn't it?
Hmm sounds really, really close to RO. Which I miss... CritSin for the win.
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i got back into RO again recently, actually. however, i've played Flyff as well, and they are only similar in the sense that they are MMO's. i never liked how linear they made the grinding; you always kill the same things at the same levels. at least the flight is pleasant
i'd have a go but i already have one mmo going and its hard to start another after that.
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Didn't enjoy it my first time I played it.

I think I'll have a go, but it'll probably be just another excuse for me to not do work.
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I found it quite tedious in some ways.

Then I got a hoverboard at lvl 20. Being able to fly freely around the world (if you fork out enough, at speeds of 200 kph) really makes the difference.

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