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This week on Steam a different ubi game will be on sale each day for half price

Monday - Assassin's Creed - was £9.99

Tuesday - Prince of Persia - £14.99 - and still on as it's done by US time zone.

They only tell you what game it is on the day but it's worth a look. I was going to get AC but after a look on Amazon I could get it for £10 on 360 anyway.
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Yeah, even the LE can fetch about 20 at most. However, PoP is a good buy... did you play it at all, Billy?

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Well as it was on offer i got it as i havent played it and was waiting for a price drop. ive only played the opening so far but its a very good game.
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Today's sale Brothers in Arms Hells Highway - £9.99
England is my city
A nice buy, personally.

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