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So I finally got round to doing it. It's by invite so add me on Steam (username in sig) and ill invite you to the group. Just thought it would be fun if steam users here could get together and play a few games. I have L4D, CS Source, TF2. But if there are any other games that youy feel would be good additions then let me know. The aim is for casual competiton and fun. If you know anyone that would possibly like to join then invite them but it would be better if this was kept to GTN.
England is my city
So that said, if you want externals to join, get em to sign up here, so they can be easily contacted by all members simply by accessing our database. It makes it easier for everyone involved.

Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
I sent you an invite, let me know if it worked as I'm still new to Steams community features.
England is my city

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