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Greetings all Members and associates of GTN,

This is just a small set of rules for writing Reviews and Guides and whatnot in our gaming directory section.

Although we are not a professional magazine or gaming site it would be good for all members and even non members if the reviews looked good and had a decent amount of content so here we go with a few basic guidelines.

I know my spelling and stuff isn't great and I'm in the process of editing. Type the review out in MS Word or a program which can pick up mistakes This site aims to be a source of knowledge and fun for gamers and so on and so forth. We need to make sure reviews are up to scratch, or the experience is made into a chore, rather then the effortless, fun and professional atmosphere we are looking for.

Please aim for a decent word count. Near to a page of size 12 or 400 words. You can go over if you wish. The reason I say this is because you need to cover some basic elements in a review such as gameplay, graphics and so on. However, longer, more precise and detailed reviews, especially for games that hit the limelight, are also appreciated, and are very much approved. Try looking at the adjustable bars on the review page and write a bit about each. Not an essay but at least give it a go.

For Guides, keep it detailed, concise and professional. Full marks to their authors.

Give reasons. Yes, some work of mine is negative but I give my reasons. Same for the work that's positive. Don't just say the game "rocks", say why and develop your views. People wan to read work with a mature point of view. When writing you are writing for a reader not for you.

Thank you once again for respecting these rules, and all the best!

Blank Planet, Simon Williams
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