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So recently I purchased the non-GOTY version of Arkham Asylum for the PC. It came with the disc and code but when I try to install the game a redundancy error comes up and the install stops. From what I have found on google this is basically the computer thinking that the file is corrupt/disc is damaged? I looked at the surface of the disc and don’t really see any scratches or damage. Besides buying a disc cleaning kit, is there any other suggestion that anyone can think of that might help me get the disc to install? Thanks for your time.
I would contact the retailer that sold you the game and explain the problem to them and see if you can get another disc or digital copy since you have the code.
Yea it was an eBay purchase and they said they didn’t have a copy to send as a replacement.
Try installing a different game and see if you get the same error.

Its a long shot, but you may have a bad stick of RAM.

That happened to me years ago.

You can try running this program to test RAM.

There are other RAM testers out there too if you can't get this one to work.

You can also try pulling the RAM and reinstalling the RAM.

You can test each RAM stick old school way too by pulling all of them and only inserting one stick at a time into slot one.
Most likely computer won't boot if there's a bad stick of RAM in slot one (other slots are empty)
Honestly, it could have to do with the fact that GFWL has been removed from both games, and you need to go through Steam now:

Old article, but, relevant to your needs.

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