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Anyone want to join in with me and Lady Death for Livelock? Been playing for an hour from 10 - 11 pm est when I can play.

We just beat the game last night with the first character (got to do all 3). We are going to look for the rest of the collectibles we missed and finish leveling up to level 30 before we switch up characters.

We also have to beat the entire game on the hard difficulty. Plus there is another mode to play so we still have lots to do if you are just starting and want to knock out the game.
I can join in with you guys on the weekends. Friday and Saturday nights.
" I can't keep [it] up right now, as soon as I get enough to feed it, I have to play forever just to give it some water. Then it falls asleep." -smrnov
I'll fire you a message off when I think will start those nights.

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