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Do you favour digital distribution?

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× 10 (29.41%) Only for DLC like trailers, game content

× 20 (58.82%) I'd rather have a hard copy

× 3 (8.82%) OnLive is the way to go

× 12 (35.29%) If I can't find the game anywhere I'll download it

× 0 (0%) Other

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As you probably know there are loads of servises that let you download content and full games. A more recent development is OnLive which streams provided you buy just one small box, have a decent connection to the internet and the money for the game. It also includes a rental service, spectator modes, vdeo conferencing. Granted this may not take off for a while and even if it does it may have a short lasting appeal. However with the current recession upon us many may feel that this is a suitable answer. No need for HD,360,PS3 or PC. OnLive will most likely have the game you want and all games run on high to max settings.

Anyway my main question is...Do you favour digital downloads/distribution or do you prefer to actually own a physical copy of the game so you always have it no matter what? Do you only use it for DLC?
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I would definitely rather have a hard copy of the game. I'm an old school gamer, and tbh, if they went back to cartridges, I wouldn't be too fussed.

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I wouldn't be surprised to see games in MicroSD or SD form coming out from the game industry. These memory cards are getting cheaper everytime I go to stores, so cartridges aren't that bad of an idea. Its better than having all these CD's and cases the size of a book all around :P
i'm pretty open minded about it, i just don't want to lose my content if i move between systems.
Which is why I prefer hard copies, OT, that's all.

Burner: Agreed. SDs are becoming HUGE, and it's a simple matter to enforce protection on them to prevent people from ripping them. But imagine carrying round like.... 15 PC Games in a box the size of 1 game currently. The box may even just be tiny, what with an electronic manual on the chip itself.

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I'd rather dvd/bluray but maybe thats just me. SDs are good for phones and PDAs to store data, I wouldn't really want games on one. Even if they are cheap on thier own I doubt that would let us see a price decrease of the game.
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Agreed, Usually the condensing of data into a smaller format leads to a price rise. Which is why as mobile phones got smaller in the nineties, the price shot up.

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