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the big event begins next week, but what does everyone expect to see? better yet, what are you hoping for, unlikely as it may be? tell us your predictions, hopes, and fears.

i'm worried the major announcements for each system will be rather lackluster like they were last year, but who knows? there are a lot of rumors right now.
Unfortunately for me, I won't have TV or internet (new apt. next week) so my E3 news will be limited unless I manage to sneak around the interwebs at work. But hey, I'm hoping for some big announcements. I don't necessarily think that last year's E3 announcements were all that bad though. It'll be interesting to watch.. Despite the fact that I can't watch.
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nothing really new or noteworthy was announced for the more serious gaming crowd, and aside from some surprises like FFXIII on 360, there wasn't much to get excited about. i just want to see some more titles aside from the ones we already know about.
What I think will happen: Nintendo will have another ridiculous conference with people dancing along to whatever the new franchise of the year is. MS will once again try to rope in some casual gamers. Sony will try and claim that the PS3 is the future and some other nonsense and annouce some games that won't come out for ages. Then they'll show the routine God of War 3 footage.

What I hope for is that MS will reveal a new exclusive that isn't Halo related. Ubisoft to show us some trailers for the new Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell games. We get to know more about Konami's new project. Bethesda confirm Elder Scrolls 5. And that this E3 is much better than last year's.
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Agreed. I want to hear something wbout Rainbow six, splinter cell and TES V.

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Well he chances of me ever getting what I want from E3 is slim to none. But no point not telling you what they are.

1st, have SEGA announce that they're going to completely re-vamp the Sonic unvierse (again), but for the better this time, rather than the worse. Thankfully this may be a possibility, as they recently sent out a press-release to the fans appologising for the low quality of Sonic games recently. I'd personally have a Sonic game be released once a year, rather than have a new one be shat-out every 4 months.

2nd, Have Blizzard close World of Warcraft, so that I can get some of my closest friends (and both brothers) back from the half-life that is WoW... But in all seriousness, a look into some new updates and such would be fun. Doubt there will be anything about another expansion pack any time soon, just wait for Blizzcon for that.
While we're still on Blizzard, I'd really like to see a demo for Starcraft 2 be released, and some more footage for it, it looks awesome so far, but I'd like some more to look at...

3rd, for CAPCOM to get rid of the Apollo Justice series that've replaced the Phoenix Wright series of Ace Attorney games. Apollo Justice sucks CAPCOM, get rid of him and you'll make alot of Ace Attorney happy. (Note: This is probably the lease probable of all my options, but one can wish...)

And finally, I'd like to see a Harvest Moon game that doesn't suck sometime soon... I know it's a kids game Nintendo, but that's no need to make the games so FUCKING STUPIDLY EASY.
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i want a new Elder Scrolls too, but i'm also interested in this other project Bethesda is involved in.
Bethesda's Brink Coming In Spring 2010
Forgot to mention some Diablo 3 news would be welcomed. In terms of Bethesda the Brink game looks good from the short teaser but i have no idea what kind of game it is (anyone know?).
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Forgot to mention some Diablo 3 news would be welcomed. In terms of Bethesda the Brink game looks good from the short teaser but i have no idea what kind of game it is (anyone know?).
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
You can have that now get Sacred 2: Fallen Angel and your all set. Smile

As far as E3 i was hoping to see more Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2 and maybe some more Fallout Vegas info. Really I just want PAX to get here. Smile
Forgot to mention some Diablo 3 news would be welcomed. In terms of Bethesda the Brink game looks good from the short teaser but i have no idea what kind of game it is (anyone know?).
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
all we know is what they already mentioned in the link, it's some sort of genre-bending shooter.
just finished watching the conference, and i'm impressed. one of the major announcements was Project Natale, a new 3d motion capture camera with face and voice recognition. worked pretty well, definitely groundbreaking stuff.
of course, there were several games announced as well including Shadow Complex, Crackdown 2, MGS Rising, Alan Wake, Halo: Reach and Forza 3.
as for the Live service, they're going to integrate Facebook and Twitter, as well as they're also relaunching their video service as Zune Video, which boasts the ability to watch movies in 1080p instantly.

overall, i'm pretty pleased, and with news of other third party games i want on the way, i expect to stay that way.
Crytek also confirmed Crysis2 for consoles and PC. Not sure if I approve though. Some games deserve to stay exclusive. I'm a bit unsure of MGS coming to 360 too, even though it is good news.
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MS knocked it out of the park! I was very impressed with everything but the Halo stuff. Do we really need more mediocre graphic halo games. Bungie need to refresh there thinking. Maybe I'll go upstairs tomorrow and tell them Wink Overall I was pleased it is going to be tough waiting until 2010 for some of them.
I watched the conference as well, just to see what Microsoft are up to. While they had some nice things to show, I felt it wasn't as good as some people are making it out to be. Sure, Project Natal looks interesting, but this has been on the PlayStation for years now. Maybe not voice recognition, but everything else. I wouldn't say it's ground-breaking. But it looks interesting enough. Smile

Also, not a lot of good games coming out, other than Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which are both coming out on the PlayStation 3 regardless.

I'm actually considering buying an Xbox 360 for the few exclusive RPGs and to play multiplayer games with a few friends locally, so I was expecting something to push me into buying one next pay, but I have to say that after their conference nothing groundbreaking was announced that makes me want to rush into buying one any time soon. :/
people always say that every year, but i have to ask, what would be groundbreaking then?
Lol... maybe if MGS and FF moved exclusively to 360....

Sounds pretty groundbreaking... :P

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Well just watched the Nintendo Press Conference, not much too cool, but Super Mario Galaxy and a new Metroid is coming. Oh did I mention that they're releasing a new Golden Sun, awesome.

Also watched the beginning of the Microsoft conference, Beatles: RockBand looks cool, will watch the rest later today, probably after Sony's one.
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Then Halo moved to PS3 and the world exploded!

True the PS2 had the Eye Toy but who wanted it? My friend has the one for PS3 and he doesn't use it at all. At least Natal has some projects in the pipeline. But I thnk it would be best reserved for the next MS console.

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