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Epic Challenge 2020

It is time again to sign up for the annual Epic Challenge, see below for sign up instructions and rules.

To Sign Up:
Just post in this thread that you would like to join.

Sign-ups will close at the end of February 2020. If you sign up after the start of the year, you can still post 2020 completions made before you signed up. The 1 month time limit to post completions will take effect after you join. I am limiting the number of participants to the first 30 that sign up. Because of this, please only sign up if you intend to participate the whole year so you don't take up a spot.


1) Scoring:
You will be awarded "Epic Points" for every game you complete in 2020. These points will be based on the achievement with the highest TA score on TrueAchievements for the completed game.

Games from all platforms count, but Apps do not.

To complete a game, you must complete all achievements in the game including 0 GS achievements and any DLC that is available for the game at that time. If you complete a game and then new DLC is released, you do not lose your completion. If you then complete the new DLC, you can re-post the completion if you'd like to update the new high TA ratio. The highest ratio for a specific game is updated in the spreadsheet each time someone posts their completion for that game, so if you have also completed that game, your score will go up or down based on the new TA ratio.

I will keep a spreadsheet with a tally of how many games you complete as well as your "Epic Score". I will post this spreadsheet at end of every month along with scores, and I encourage people to check the spreadsheet and let me know if I didn't update something correctly.

Scoring begins at 12am US Central Time (GMT-6) on 1/1/20 and ends at 12am on 1/1/21.
All completions must be posted before the end time.

2) Posting Guidelines:

The only thing you have to do is post in this thread when you complete a game. (See posting guidelines below)

Try to post completions as soon as possible so that the high TA ratio is accurate to your completion date. You must post within 1 month of completion or I can nullify those completions. This will not be aggressively monitored but may be enforced if abused or someones tries to post everything at end of year.

If you are posting a list of completions, putting them in alphabetical order by game name helps me save time when updating the spreadsheet.

The post for each completion should contain 3 things:
1) Completion number for 2020 (optional but helps me match my records to yours to avoid mistakes).
- Re-completing a game that has new DLC released does not count as a new completion, but may be in your advantage to post based on new high TA ratio.
2) Game Title - Post title exactly as it appears on TA (copy & paste is your friend)
- Posting the title correctly greatly helps my tracking, especially with multiple platforms for the same game.
3) Highest TA score and achievement name.


Completion #xx
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
4.19 (Dynasty Warrior)

Completion #xx
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (ESP Ver) (WP)
1.16 (Voy sobrado)

Completion #xx
Chaos;Head: Love Chu*Chu!
1.05 (various achievements)

Completion #xx
The Walking Dead (Xbox 360)
1.44 - Two Out of Three

The rules are mostly participant monitored, I will not be verifying every completion and high TA ratio. If you suspect someone posted in error either on accident or on purpose, private message me and I will look into it and make necessary adjustments. I have grounds to eliminate someone from challenge if they continue to purposely make invalid posts. Even if post is wrong on accident, I may not update the completion in the spreadsheet until it is posted correctly.
Count me in again! Thanks for doing this!
Completion #01
Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops (Win 8)
2.41 (Tag Collector)

Completion #02
Life is Strange: Before The Storm
1.21 (Various)
Sign me up again please and thanks for doing this again!

Completion #01
Iro Hero
1.10 - Armored Ship

Completion #02
1.05 - Darkness path
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Put me on the alt list. If you don't hit 30 by the cut-off, I'll join in. I don't foresee completing many games this year.
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Completion #1
Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two
1.14 - multiple
Yes please. Thanks for doing this again Elem3ntal80!
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Completion #1
Shadow of Loot Box
1.18 - Triple Kill

Completion #2
Smoke And Sacrifice
5.03 - Collector

Completion #3
The Journey Down: Chapter Three
1.04 - Bwana The Menace

Completion #4
Woodle Tree Adventures
1.13 - Collect 3000 berries
Completion #03
Toy Story 3
2.99 (Gold Super Star)
Completion #5
Life is Strange 2
1.70 - All Roads Traveled
Completion #1
Jump Force
14.70 - Jump Force

Completion #2
Murder Miners
1.72 - Get Over Here!

Completion #3
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
2.83 - Death From Below
Completion #1
Devious Dungeon 2
1.38 (Legendary Hero)

Completion #2
Duck Life: Battle
1.11 (Dragon queen)

Completion #3
1.03 (Collector)

Completion #4
Neon Junctions
1.08 (Last Step)

Completion #5
Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder
2.03 (Olympic Gold )

Completion #6
The Adventures of Elena Temple
1.72 (A true master)
Completion #6
The Invisible Hours
1.34 - The Reporter
Completion #03
Mushroom Quest
1.05 - 6-pack #5

Completion #04
Football Game
1.04 - The End
Completion #05
Tracks - The Train Set
1.40 - Good Service on all lines
What prizes do u get a the end?
get-r-done payback is a mother

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