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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

I must admit I didn't expect it to be announced so soon what with WotLK just getting a big update, Diablo 3 announced not too long ago and SC2 news but here we are. WoW: Cataclysm. I havent even finished TBC, the first expansion but I am looking forward to more updates about it. This one caters for the veteran players and new ones alike. There are two new races, two new start zones...and....the entire original game map is getting a massive make over. And therell be a graphical/minium spec update like there was for the last expansion. The level cap has been risen to 85. The goal of this package is to revamp the game's core content rather than add another big zone to the map and have people quest through it for 10 levels, but this is early days so who knows. This also leads to another obvious assumption...this wont be the last expansion.
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So WoW will just get bigger and better and more epic and so on until we have a Game with Crysis graphics in the year 2020?

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Its Blizzards big money maker until Diablo and Starcraft hot so they have to keep going if they want to stay on top. But Crysis graphics...not for another few years i dont think. Part of WoWs appeal is the low specs.
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Which is why I said 2020.... :P
And Diablo...


Also a Final Fantasy Republic Global Moderator
Nooo more questing >.< Oh well, looks awesome, the faction change sounds pretty cool.
Kind of irritated that they're talking about the new Xpac when we don't already have Icecrown Citadel yet... I sometimes browse the WoW forums and I've seen a few people say that Icecrown Citadel will be open during Cataclysm, and I'm like WTF?

I'm also pretty bummed that Cataclysm = Old world wow with an Amplifier stuck on it.

I think its a good change. It will be quite drastic, some places will be destroyed like Auberdine (where will the boats go now!?), some new places will open up. I just hope the new design doesn't get old too soon.
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