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I paid for the game on Steam and as promised I got early access to the demo. First impressions are very good. It runs the same way as the first but everything has a bit more polish to it. There are some new enemies, one waers SWAT armour, one spits toxic fluids. There are more but I haven't faced them in the demo. There are new melee weapons which replace the pistol when picked up. And theres a whole new cast of characters. The most noticable difference was that the demo level is in daylight whereas L4D only took place in dark areas. It certainly adds some much needed variation in design and it looks great.

Like I said, it plays the same way. Kill zombies, make it to safehouse. There are mini enclosed checkpoints now like the safehouses where you can stock up on meds. Another adition in the demo was a sequence where we had to reach a tower. To get to it we needed to charge around a wire fence circit with infected comming from every angle. I didnt survive as I got swapmed and was constantly needing to reload due to the ammount of enemies around me. It was actually intense which is something the first game didnt pull off very well or often enough to make it work.

It's like GTA Vice City to GTA3. Same formula but with some additions that make the game worth it. If you liked L4D then chances are you'll like the new game.


Witches walk around

There seem to be fixed wepaon locations but the weapons may not be the same as they were last time

Adrenaline shots can give you a speed boost, screen changes colour, cool sound effects

Chargers will ram you into a wall then smash you against the floor

Jockeys jump on your back and ride around on you

Defribulators revive dead players (havent needed yet)
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Difribulators are a cool addition. Although, I wonder if the Witches walking around will reduce the tension they brought about last game.

Or was it sufficient to make you piss yourself?

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it makes it worse as they can blend into a huge crowd and you can startle them without realising. they werent that tense in l4d unless they blocked your progress.
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Fair enough. Do they walk or run?

I may preorder this like... in a couple days.

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walk, then run when startled.

quick weapon update


chrome pump action shotgun
spas shotgun
ak 47
g3 scoped rifle
mk 17 assasult rifle
silenced uzi
desert eage - no dual
sig pistol
frying pan
electric guitar ( for bashing heads in, not DMC3 style)
boomer vomit
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That's swayed me. I'm downloading it now. :P

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Left 4 Dead 2: List of Weapons « Asilee.com

a list of all the wepons but i think he/she missed the three shot burst rifle.
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Left 4 Dead 2: List of Weapons � Asilee.com

a list of all the wepons but i think he/she missed the three shot burst rifle.
Originally Posted by Blank Planet
I thought I got them all when I first made the list but I guess I was wrong. I haven't heard about the 3 shot burst rifle being in the game so I just thought that I got all the available weapons. It would of helped if you left a comment on the page stating that I missed one.
Here is a huge list of people's impressions with the game.
Left 4 Dead 2 Demo: List of Glitches, Errors, Bugs & Complaints « Asilee.com

I take it that being that people with an Xbox 360 didn't have this many problems? I try telling me people that computers have to think and work more than a console do. I have no complaints with the game so far.
Running it through Steam ive had no problems so far and I play it several times a day. Cant give a 360 view as im not renewing my live until MW2 next week.
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I've been playing a lot of Borerlands lately, but i'll have to give the demo a go soon and see if there are any issues worth mentioning.
One issue I've had with this is the way you can't make the Glock your primary. The pistol system could easily run the way GoldenEye: Rogue Agent did it, where you could carry different weapons in different combinations.

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i think its part of the design that the glock is only secondary. shame, and i dont know why but we'll just have to live with it. but who knows, the full product isnt out yet.
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There is much want for this game.

Definitely DO WANT.

Demo was not enough. Can't wait =]
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i tried it out today, and i noticed a few odd issues like zombies doing one of their standing death animations despite one of their legs missing. it's not something i'll pick up, but it looks better than the last one at least.
I have noticed that, but then, which game has ever been perfect?

Except a few truly great ones, most have glitches here and there.

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it just seems buggier than the first one, and considering how it's practically identical, that's discouraging.
I suppose... But there are many differences... That might explain the bugs. They tried adding so much that they may have forgotten to iron out all the wrinkles.

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Despite the fact that you can't have the Melee weapon, pistols and the 'heavy' weapon I loved the game. Who needs dual pistols when you can wield a machete or a fire axe. =D
Or later, a Katana. That'll be fun. I've always wanted to hack into Zombies with like some kind of mad ninja.

And the deagle is too big. IF they included the Baby Eagle, then that would be fun.

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