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Wow. Just checked out Metacritic for the PC version of this game, with an average userscore of 1.5 out of 10!

I haven't played this game, but how can the most anticipated game of the year flop? Some reviews are 10/10, but they are overshadowed by the negative responses!

This looks like a job for our team. Guys, what do you make of this?

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it's just because features were cut from the PC version so they're rating it poorly in protest. they're still getting the same game as everyone else, they've just been spoiled.
The PC version doesnt have dedicated servers which means cheaters can't be kicked, everyone has a decent lag free game, always play with the same people, build a relationship so to speak.

PC gamers are just used to having control over games. Graphics, control mapping, servers, modding. They lost one element and see it as a huge slap in the face. I have it on PC and think its great. No problems at all.
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That's good to know. I was wondering about such heavy outcry.

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they are also limited to 9v9 matches like the rest of us.
Last time I checked, 9v9 was a LOT of people. I can only remember playing CS with 32 people, but bots!

So many people in one match must lag as hell, I don't know why they complain. I hope to have enough to get it soon, as I'd love to spec ops with you, Billy.

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that reminds me, the price was also raised to $60 for PC instead of $50. they feel like they're getting less for more. most just pirate it anyway though, so it shouldn't be that surprising.
I have it on PC, and I don't have a problem with the way online is handled. I think it's awesome, in fact. They're just being babies, crying over spilt milk. Stick Out Tongue
I agree with that, Jon. Do the servers work well on PC like IW claim? No lag?

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I've never had any lag so far. The only gripe I have with it, is that they've disabled you from seeing people's Ping. Instead it's just 1 red bar / 2 yellow / 3 green. Kind of annoying. Big Grin
since the day 1 fix ive had no real problems. only lag is when the host leaves and you have to wait until a new one is picked.
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That sounds great. I don't know why there are so many complaint there. PC Gamers got the good all the time, and the elitism of having a superior connection is now finally over, and all players can have a decent, Lag free game.

It boggles the mind that so many people complain over something that sounds good.

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Beacuse lag will always be there. If you don't have it theres a chance some one else might, the closest thing we have to eliminating lag is dedicated servers.These servers are run by people and in them they can add mods to the game to make it more interesting, modding keeps the game alive and can take in in different directions. Take into account that games like Counter-Strike came from modding. Without it IW can just release small map packs and charge £8 a pop knowing that they'll make millions more $$$.

They have the right to be annoyed but its about time they all stopped bitching. Most of them got the game anyway.
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I suppose that's true. You think a MW2 mod is possible? It would have already happened in COD4.

CS was a mod of HL, which was one of the most successful FPSs EVER. So when COD4 came along, where are the mods? It was one of the most breathtaking FPSs ever. By now, it should have a dozen derivatives. But I've never heard of them.

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they are all on PC. Oh, and MW2 has been hacked for dedicated servers but if you go on them you risk being banned by IW. Who knows, maybe they'll patch them in later on.
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